The Hidden Dangers of Mycotoxins

Ever see those spots of black on improperly sealed windows? Ever get a headache, or start sneezing from a musty smell? Mycotoxins. Myco come from a Greek word mykes meaning fungus and toxins from the Latin word tocicum meaning poison. The fungus or mold making the mycotoxins use it as a way of defense by … Continue reading

10 Tips to Start Your Day

  Being productive and generally awesome at your job requires a lot of energy and focus. Both of which are very dependent on how much attention you pay to nutrition and how well you know what works for your body. It’s hard to be stuck at a desk all day, mostly because it’s draining and … Continue reading

Health 2.0

After taking a couple years of foundational science courses to satisfy my curiosity I find myself for interested in human health then ever. Expects posts and insights here.

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