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The Age of Transparency Part Three – Curated HyperData

‚ÄúOur technology has become our gateway to our reality, and our reality has become a distorted ‚Äėhyperreality‚Äô ‚Äď Baudrillard We have entered a time where we rely each other‚Äôs shared experiences viewed through our social networks which now extend beyond the local to provide us with the pieces of information that form our new perception … Continue reading

The Age of Transparency Part Two – The Fall of the Hero

People have evolved past the ‚Äúanchorman‚ÄĚ way of telling news, partially because of how little real journalism is getting done these days. News has devolved into mindless rhetoric and un-researched bias-based dribble to maintain a level of profitability that relies on people‚Äôs addiction to fear-porn, and narcissism. New media is not entirely immune. An example … Continue reading

The Age of Transparency Part One – Changing Media

Casual computing and access to social media has radically altered our perception of media.¬†We have gone from one channel with several voices to thousands of channels and hundreds of millions of voices in eighty years. The birth of social media ¬†Unlike traditional media, whose purpose is to provide temporary spin and keep you fixed to … Continue reading

Saving Rim, Part 3: NokiaSoft

Blackberry is in the news again, this time for not getting bought by Microsoft. We all know the story of Blackberry, if not, here‚Äôs the recap.¬†An innovative Canadian upstart that captured the cellphone market with QWERTY keyboards and enterprise ready email integration. One of the first true smartphones and choice of business‚Äôs all over the … Continue reading

Supersonic Commerce

Elon Musk‚Äôs idea for the creation of the Hyperloop transport system is not a crazy (or technically¬†his)¬†idea, but it is the logical evolution of high-speed rail and could be a boon to a domestic economy, both by creating jobs in its construction and maintenance and by morphing our idea of acceptable commute distances. The Hyperloop … Continue reading

Designing for VR

If you visit this blog¬†regularly¬†or follow me on¬†twitter @alexanderkline , you know I have been raving about the Oculus Rift.¬†I finally had a chance to finally use one, special thanks to @iheartinternets¬†for setting up the nerd home office invasion. First Impressions The headset is remarkably light and unobtrusive. It‚Äôs relatively innocuous looking and honestly I … Continue reading

The Second Coming of VR

I remember a time when a Virtual Reality business setup shop in my hometown of Victoria, BC, inside Hillside mall. Run like a¬†futuristic arcade, you stepped into booth and put a clunky headset on, you were given some kind of joystick and told you would experience virtual reality for a couple dollars a minute. I … Continue reading

The Hidden Dangers of Mycotoxins

Ever see those spots of black on improperly sealed windows? Ever get a headache, or start sneezing from a musty smell? Mycotoxins. Myco come from a Greek word mykes meaning fungus and toxins from the Latin word tocicum meaning poison. The fungus or mold making the mycotoxins use it as a way of defense by … Continue reading

10 Tips to Start Your Day

¬† Being productive and generally awesome at your job requires a lot of energy and focus. Both of which are very dependent on how much attention you pay to nutrition and how well you know what works for your body. It‚Äôs hard to be stuck at a desk all day, mostly because it‚Äôs draining and … Continue reading

The Future of Free to Play

What is Free to Play (F2P) all about? Back in the early days of¬†PC¬†gaming I can remember how coveted game demos were. Magazines often packaged a CD-Rom of current game demos as a value add to give you just enough of a taste to whet your appetite, hook you, ¬†and get you to purchase the … Continue reading

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